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The final hill of the Seshachalam range near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is where Lord Venkateswara, an incarnation of Vishnu, has his earthly residence. This sacred temple is renowned for its excellent architecture, like many temples in south India. It is also one of the most frequented Hindu temples in India, reportedly drawing 60,000 pilgrims daily. Attending the Puja and it has an unsurpassed sense of holiness thanks to the numerous

The drive from Chennai to Tirupati is one of the nicest in India. It is brief, picturesque, and gorgeous, and there are many incredible pit stops you can make along the way. Additionally, the combination of spirituality and natural beauty that you’ll encounter in Tirupati is certain to revitalize and renew your mind, body, and soul after spending so many months at home.

Sri Venkateswara Temple

Tirupati Car Packages is a well-known provider of car rental services. If you want the most enjoyable travel possible, using our outstation vehicle rental service may be your best choice. We consistently provide the top outstation cab booking services to our esteemed clients at fair prices. We are aware of your worries and give you a great range to choose from.


Most of Tamil Nadu’s religious sites are included in Tirupati car packages. This package is available for tourists who want to visit temples or who want to discover the cultural and architectural splendor of south India. Every temple covered by this package is distinct and has an own history. This temple, which boasts imposing grandeur and lovely settings, attracts pilgrims from all over the world. You will undoubtedly seek holiness that is unlike anything conventional if you immerse yourself in this serene atmosphere

When travelling from Chennai to Tirupati, you have a choice of several routes. The shortest, quickest, and most popular route between Chennai and Tirupati is Chennai-Puzhal-Nagalapuram-Puttur-Tirupati (135 miles). However, while being 20 km longer, Chennai – Tiruvallur – Thiruthani – Puttur – Tirupati (155 km) would be the ideal choice for you if you wish to drive through the unmatched natural splendour of the Eastern Ghats. Even so, this one might see less traffic.

Tirupati tour photos

Due to its climate, which alternates between being wet and dry, it is not advised to visit Tirupati in the summer. When the weather is nice and the temperatures are right, the best time to visit Tirupati is from October to the end of February. It is also preferable to depart from Chennai early in the morning or at a time when there won’t be much traffic in order to make the most of your road journey. After that, driving will be easy as you make your way to Tirupati. Simply throw down your windows, take in the refreshing breeze, and take in the stunning scenery as you travel. At this sacred site in India, experience the force of spirituality and let yourself become swept up in the devotion. Additionally, you can capture images and films by fusing the divine weather with the surrounding natural beauties.

Planning the ideal day trip from Chennai to Tirupati may seem like a difficult challenge with so many options. Finding the top sights, tours, and activities no longer has to be a problem with Tirupati Car Packages. With the aid of Tirupati Car Packages, families, groups of friends, and even lovers can all choose the ideal activity to make priceless memories. 

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