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Chennai’s one of the largest bride luxury car rental providers over the past 10 years. We offer low and competitive prices. Don’t worry about your travel because we have more experienced driver teams, who lead you to the safest and make your journey more comfortable. We delivered different types of luxury car rental for different purposes and budgets. Specifically, you will Enjoy Luxurious car travel with Sri ram cars, Chennai.

Leave your pressure with car decorations, our decorators will come up with the best car designs based on your selection. In the first place The entrance you constantly dreamed of making. Our bridal car rental service will guarantee that everything runs smoothly, from pick-up to drop-off.

we not only pride ourselves on being a leading car rental company offering the best quality cars and highly efficient services, but we are also a company that meets your every need, taking you anywhere that you might want to go

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It full fills our event with interesting lifetime memories. Fully satisfied and wonderful car rental services. that was a nice ride with the luxury rental car. good value of money reporting before time and time management smooth driving help to getting customer approach in all future booking
- Hari Krishnan
Chennai (Madhavaram)
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We strongly believe that we make our customers happy and satisfied. we build a longtime relationship with the customer. Sri ram car always approaches you at the best and premium quality price.  we allow you to make wise plans to move forward to book our luxury car rental in feature also. Our circumstance will be that we give you the best customer service.


We ensure that your ride will complete in the best way without any harm. Our drivers will help you with the best and most pleasant ride from pick up to drop. We may help to make a clean picture to further. we promise to do for your happiness. It will definitely make you happy.   You enjoy the experience of self-driving after that you will endure after complete the journey.

Why Choose Us

Quality Service

Sri Ram rental car not only offers you the luxury car we offer to have a car for the self-driving car also gives you the freedom to drive it your please, without having to depend on a moody cab driver, paying different charges. 200+ customers have chosen us for our quality work.  Sanitized and safe.

Reasonable price

Sri ram rental car means you’ll always get the best prices rental car.  our luxury cars are excellent in quality. you will enjoy the ride until the end. You can get a luxury car at a reasonable price and a noticeable price also. Make sure you can find the right rental car you need premium and luxury cars. cost wise we the best and low price. one size will not fit for all so we having comfort price. 

Knowledgeable Drivers

Sri ram rental car drivers have a good relationship with our customers and comfortable drivers too. Drivers are responsible for others, paying attention, and anticipating with the customer. Everyone can select the comfort drive without any doubts. Professional and experienced drivers were available in Sri ram car rental. In conclusion, your favorite luxury self-driving car is also for rent in Chennai.

Safety & Friendly Support

Good Customer support vehicles in perfectly good condition. Excellent service. The best self-drive cars in Sri ram car rental Chennai. A simple way to get a luxury car rental.  We provide care and safety, vehicles are very clean smooth, and comfortable. our first priority should be safety we are always there to fulfill your needs we are always there for you to give the best and better. Undoubtedly there everyone seems to be enjoyed the ride till the end. Although we have the improved premium quality rental car also showed the value of concentrating on the time of pickup. Moreover, that is also important for us. In the same way, we might feel strongly that our variety of rental luxury cars helps you to satisfied all over the ride.

Experienced Professionals

Sri ram cars have huge experience in handling luxury cars for weddings and related events. We have flexible combo packages for bridal events. A list of top branded luxury cars like Audi, Jaguar, BMW, Benz, Rolls Royce, Bentley, is available with us with various price ranges. Sri ram cars have a furthermore collection of premium rental cars which exactly suit every customer. You can touch us or send us a free excerpt at any time out skilled team will reach you at the instant.

24 Hour Assistance

Looking for premium car rental just for 2 hours, don’t worry Sri ram cars with you. Therefore enjoy the exotic ride with friends and family members with the safest luxury car rental company in Chennai. The neat and clean driver makes your travel trip more luxurious than anything. we also arrange long-term trips with your family at seasonal and occasional times. Visit our price ranges now.

Low Cost
low cost
Premium Quality
premium quatity
Variety Cars
variety cars
Timely Pickup
timely pick up
Expert Car Drivers
expert drivers
Free Decoration
free decoration

How We Work

How to place an order in Luxury Car Rental

Choose your ride

Our work is different and we are proud of it. we have freedom and responsibility. Our improvement over the few years has taken place fast. Fast-moving we are almost twice in size. This means that we fulfilled our customer’s requirements. Speedy improvement brings objection and we have our expansion pains. Teamwork and so many disparate things can be noted to keep growing with everything. But we listen to each customer and get to continue in and do whatever it to make the first classwork. Sri Ram car provides an expansive collection of rental vehicles that can fit all your demand. Feel free to arrive at any time for a booking. We are always there for you. Luxury Ride is your leading unique and transfixing luxury car, we tend to deliver the luxury car very best position. In conclusion, you may enjoy it all over the ride.

Online Booking Website 

Step 1. Visit our website After that Book an appointment. Click on “HIRE A RENTAL CAR“.

  • Give your trip details we work with the best director to get the cost-effective for your trip.
  • Select the luxury car rental of your liberty and go on your trip.
  • Select a trip type  Hourly, Out Station, Hourly travel within the city, Bridal, Photoshoot, Business, Corporate, & Airport.

Step 2. Similarly, you may view our package specifics after all you may select your package which one you want to be.

  • Family travel
  •  Holiday travel,
  • Business,
  • Bridal, photoshoot,
  • Pickup and drop,
  • Airport.  

Step 3.  Take up all the intricate in the section and then go for the next.  Select the car which luxury car you want for the rental. For picking a premium car you can look through our gallery section. Our rental car accuracy.

Offline Booking

Direct Location

The first step to booking a premium car offline even though you may go to our located place. Our service stations will be accessible places.  Consequently, the application will get you over there.

Secondly, collect the application from our administrator and overview the attribute. Finally, you can fill out the application at your functions.

After all, if do you have any simplification our experiences employee will help you as an affectionate. All through if you are comfortable with all our formation all in all book your trip.

Waite for your booking confirmation. You will know your ride is confirmed you get a reply from our service.

Decorated Rental Car

We also aid with car decoration as a part of our wedding car.  We offer you anomalous bridal packages deal on an hourly basis for weddings. people sound their clarion yell their congratulations or wave from the sidewalk. There are lots of effects to consider when it comes to Bridal car decorations comprising the wedding theme.   That’s what we’re here for! We’ve done the work for you and accumulated our top selection from the floral wreath to the wedding car. For bridal car decoration, one of the most compassionate this stamp is flawless. So that we add the newlywed’s names to it along with their wedding date.

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safety Precautions

Customer First

Sri Ram rental car discover the car rental services for making the customer happy and giving him something preponderant than he asked for. If a customer desires a car should be in place at a particular location we make it ready and complete our customer request. we are positive that our drive was accomplished and be suited. Above all some reasons to create a premium rental car service.

Customer Safety

Sri ram rental car is ready for providing you with a better across for pandemic situations. We are taking a periodical safeguard to exploit to keep our customers safe. All our vehicles are continuously sterile and sanitized for your safer and hygienic ride. We follow nominal and no-touch guidelines to assure our customer’s safety. Our staff goes through the frequent provision of thermal screening for greater safety. Our drivers were also vaccinated.