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BMW X6 Car Rental
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BMW X6 Car Rental

Exterior & Interior OF The Rental Cars

When you first see the BMW X6, you will know that this is the automobile you have always wanted to drive. Consequently, the BMW X6 is a four-passenger SAV, or sporting activity vehicle, that some drivers refer to as a premium crossover. At the same time this sports activity coupe, as BMW likes to refer to it, has a sleek appearance. Evidently, the vehicle has a 2,933-mm wheelbase. When you climb into the automobile, the smooth velour leather seat envelops you in a warm hug, and you know you’ve arrived at your destination. Correspondingly the sound of the engine is like a symphony to your ears once you put the key in the ignition and despite starting it up, powerful but muted, like a wild beast ready to be tamed.

BMW X6 Car Rental

Engine BMW X6 Car Rental

Engine BMW X6 Car Rental

The BMW X6 has a 212 mm ground clearance. This is a fantastic product with excellent mileage and the best engine in its class. At this point, the BMW X6 comes with two engine choices: a 4395cc V8 petrol engine and a 2993cc V6 diesel engine. The 4395cc V8 petrol engine produces 407 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. The 2993cc V6 diesel engine produces 306 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. Finally, these BMW X6 engines are mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with endless flexibility, as long as making it a dream automobile for many automotive enthusiasts.

BMW Rental Car Mileage

The combined cycle fuel consumption of the BMW X6 ranges from 9.9 to 13.9 litres per 100km for petrol engines, and explicitly from 7.4 to 8.3 litres per 100km for diesel engines. The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid petrol engine is the most fuel-efficient, consuming 9.9 litres per 100 kilometres. One MPG on average, with an average CO2 emission of 244.0 g/km is outstanding for a sports activity car. In conclusion, there are several variances based on the series or model, but it is far superior to most SAVs.

Safety BMW X6 Car Rental

Cruise Control, Navigation, Odometer, Power Steering, and Power Windows are included in the X6’s comfort package. Other SAVs and SUVs have similar safety features as the BMW X6. It has anti-lock brakes, which detect when a tire stops spinning when the brakes are slammed hard. At this instant, this feature enables the car to control braking pressure in order to allow the tire to spin. This improves the car’s ability to turn while accelerating. It also has stability control, at any rate, which detects when the vehicle’s handling limits have been exceeded mechanically and decreases engine power or applies select power-assisted brakes to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle. Front-impact airbags are available for both the driver and the passenger and are meant to protect the head in the event of a collision.

Premium BMW X6 Car Rental

Features BMW X6 Car Rental

In the front seats, side-impact airbags protect the passengers’ torsos in the event of a side-impact collision. In addition to front and side airbags, overhead airbags have been incorporated to protect passengers’ heads in the event of a rollover or side collision. Seatbelt pretensioners that automatically tighten seatbelts to place passengers in an optimal seating position following a crash are widespread in current car models.

It also has an anti-whiplash system that dynamically reacts to rear-end collision forces as a matter of fact cradles the occupant’s head to lessen the risk of a whiplash injury. In detail, it has a security system, like most contemporary BMW models, that detects any unwanted vehicle incursion. If the genuine BMW manufacturer key is not used, as a result, the car is equipped with an ignition disable device that prevents the engine from starting.

Why Choose Us - BMW X6 Car Rental

Exotic BMW X6 Car Rental

X6 Rental Car Accessories

It’s always advisable to get accessories from reputable vendors. Consequently, some companies may offer lower prices, which might be quite appealing, but the quality of the materials used and the warranty are not assured.

They’ll probably break in a few months or years. Genuine BMW accessories areas can be seen for purchase online or at BMW dealerships across India. Original BMW accessories are very useful and appealing, whether used for travel, pleasure, performance, or car upkeep.

Car Rental Value for Money

The BMW X6 launched on sale in India in the second quarter of 2008, equally promising clients all the benefits of a sports utility vehicle plus a lot more in one stylish package. As long as the BMW X6 xDrive50i, which operates on petrol, and the BMW X6 xDrive40d, which runs on diesel, are both available in India today.

When it comes to vehicle products, BMW is known for its extravagance and performance, at the same time which always makes it an excellent value for money, especially if one is searching for durability and class.

BMW X6 Car Rental Money Value

Overall, the BMW X6 is the appropriate car for you if you prefer athletic activities to a traditional family vehicle. By all means its durability is certain, thanks to a body frame inspired by light truck construction. If you want a traditional SUV, older BMW models are a good option. When purchasing a vehicle, it is important to consider not just one’s preferences, but also one’s requirements. Instead of utilitarian characteristics, the BMW X6 focuses on giving clients even so with features designed for activities and sports cars, such as on-road capability.

BMW X6 Car Rental - Sri Ram Cars

Affordable Price Rental

Affordable Price For Rent X6 Car

A luxury car reflects a person’s wealth and status. Make an impact with Sri Ram Cars wherever you go, whether it’s to a business meeting or to the beach. We are one of the most well-known travel agencies in Chennai, balanced against we provide the best vehicle rentals in Chennai at affordable prices.

We give the greatest taxi services in Chennai with our competence and furthermore well-experienced drivers, and further, we’ve expanded our services to include assisting corporations and institutions with their travel arrangements.

We tailor trip packages with the finest match of the daily car rental and even tour packages for planned travelers and fantastic pioneers.

Luxury Cars BMW X6 Car Rental

Especially Sri Ram Cars is a well-known online vehicle rental agency in Chennai that provides the best travel services to its customers at this point making their trip as easy as possible. If you want to visit Chennai, come to us being that we will make your trip unforgettable.

When you contact our online travel booking website, by and large, you will undoubtedly profit from our extraordinary experience. Following you may plan your journey from anywhere with our online vehicle rental services. 

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Hire X6 Luxury Car

Comfort and Quality In Rent Car

Sri Ram Cars certainly give a warm welcome to you throughout your visit to Chennai. As has been noted we would like to introduce ourselves as a major car rental company in Chennai, as a matter of fact, servicing many corporate and at any rate international customers with the greatest comfort and quality rental service, which encourages them to return.

We have a diverse fleet of cars that we own and operate. Vehicles are brand new and impeccably kept, be that as it may with GPS tracking systems, cellphone chargers, and other amenities.

Excellent Car Rental Services

Are you seeking the cheapest automobile rental service in Chennai and the surrounding areas? Undoubtedly Sri Ram Cars offers excellent car rental services at a reasonable cost.

On this occasion, Sri Ram Cars ensure that your rental experience is as comfortable as the automobile, whether it’s for a lavish wedding, business meetings, or anything else.

Simply give us a call, accordingly, we will provide you with a luxury or economy vehicle to transport you to the destinations of your choice on time.  

Black BMW X6 Car Rental
Exotic Premium BMW Car

Well Maintained Car Rental Services

At Sri Ram Cars, we are dedicated to maintaining this rich fleet of vehicles, all in all, your safety and comfort are our main concerns. As an illustration, our vehicles are brand new and equipped with features such as an advanced driver assistance system of GPS tracking system, mobile chargers, etc.

Basically the cars we delivered meet the expertise of world-class building with style, elite; so far ease for a drive like no other. Summing up, for the people who are looking for the best car rentals in Chennai, then obviously the Sri Ram Cars is the right choice for you.

Obviously, our customers are served by a separate help desk. Surely you can reach us by phone or email at any time of day. In brief, our dedicated customer service representatives will respond promptly and be available to all your queries and suggestions.