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jaguar-XF Car Rental
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Jaguar XF

Luxurious Wedding 

Everyone wants to celebrate the wedding in style obviously. Markedly to have unforgettable memories of their whole life lastly. At the Indian Wedding, there are a huge number of customs and formalities were performed moreover. Each and every single formality were symbolic of beautiful and also noble sentiments overall.

Luxurious Wedding  Jaguar XF
Decoraation XF-Jaguar


Sri Ram Cars offers luxury and style vehicles for your wedding transport needs in general. By all means, assures the quality with highly maintained and also beautifulness decorated vehicles from us. 

Each and every car is thoroughly inspected in reality. So that you don’t get any uncomfortable start thereafter. Consequently, inspect our huge range of cars, we also extend fashion options. Furthermore, if you wish to boost the stand of luxury lastly.

jaguar XF - Model

Thus the model Jaguar XF is one where it is the best for royal specification basically. Obviously, XF was always a lightweight model with emissions and low running costs all in all. Our Sri Ram Car Provides the best services at affordable prices of rent overall.

Even so, those who enjoy the smooth Jaguar XF can contact us. Formerly we will make the transport in an easy manner this time. Sri Ram Car was focused on making the journey more luxurious and also comfortable. Especially with our excellent range of services at this time.

jaguar XF - Model

Jaguar XF - Car Rental Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1900
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers90
Drivers Tariff400
Schedule day450
Jaguar XF car

Jaguar XF - Collections

Basically, travel is wonderful in any form. Drive something different overall.

While wondering which Jaguar car you should hire?

We are here to help you hire the best luxury car rental even so. At the same time your budget and your needs. Basically, we provide you with genuine about the rental car ant its prices. Thereafter updated specifications, and also the best available offers for all Jaguar car models.

Jaguar XF Car


Although the introduction of the Jaguar XF bears witness to a host of other changes for the model. Overall, the mid-size jaguar adds a trio of safety systems to its available-features list additionally. Particularly, bundled with the car’s optional surround-view camera is forward traffic detection certainly. 

Accordingly, this will be designed to assist drivers in low-visibility conditions. Especially by alerting the driver of the Jaguar’s front-mounted camera this time. Lane-keeping assist, which can prod the XF back into its lane identically. Even if the driver lets it accumulate toward lane markers on the highway similarly.

After that one more option was newly added to the Jaguar XF. While which is Lane-keeping assist, which can elbow the XF back into its lane after that. Only if the driver lets it drift toward lane markers on the highway. And also the XF adds a power-operated trunklid that can be opened and also closed by waving one’s. Emphatically foot under sensors mounted below the bumper altogether.

Design and Stylish

Generally, XF builds on the success of Jaguar’s most award-winning car ever. Overall possesses an incomparable combination of style and substance similarly. Hence it delivers a totally attractive blend of design, dynamics, and refinement to create. Whereas a car offers both overactive and also efficiency basically. The fusion of these outstanding Jaguar attributes is what creates XF likewise. Then even the most dynamic, equally premium business car of its generation.

Added Intelligence – For instance, Innovative technologies make every drive easier and also safe. Additionally, added in the XF offers adaptive LED headlights, overall surface progress control, and cruise control. Together with the speed limiter, and finally, the park assists also. Particularly, XF’s LEDs also illuminate faster to explain. So that following drivers can react even more quickly to XF’s braking. Similarly, within the taillights is a pinstripe graphic – one of XF’s many exquisite finishing touches.

Design Stylish Jaguar

Luxurious Rental Car

Connectivity – Altogether, every drive in Jaguar XF is improved by in-control technologies this time. As well, in control is a chamber of products and also services. Now that connects you with your XF and links it to the wider world overall. Hence, It ensures you are always in touch though. Presently, a luxurious fusion of style, class, comfort, and finally protection, and a lot more is present in the XF.

Autofurnish presents an exclusive range of 7D Luxury especially. Custom fitted car finally mats take Interior. Formerly Auto Luxury to the Next Level making it Comfortable, stately, and also well driving. Particularly, these floor mats of the Jaguar will make the car look more luxurious. Similarly and also customized elegant looks shortly.


Power Of The Car Rental

For smooth day-to-day performance, surely the Ingenium technology underpins the diesel engine in XF. And also, the low friction. But the all-aluminum engine has stiff cylinder blocks and a twin balancer. Shafts to ensure inherently low levels of vibration previously. Overall, the engine of the XF meanwhile equipped with stop or start smart technology formerly. Secondly, harvesting kinetic energy from braking to charge the battery, for maximum charging afterward.

Even though, the second generation of XF was modified. Most important from the ground up with an aluminum-intensive construction that is chopped. Now that 120kg of excess mass from the chassis. The coupe-like profile was smoothed out with better-balanced proportions so far. Even more, with a shorter overall length but also with a longer wheelbase. Then again stretching the wheels to the corners for improved handling and interior space.

The Style Of Rental Car

Significantly, the XF exterior design is naturally elegant technology additionally. However, its advanced form enhances handling, dynamics, and also refinement altogether. Because airflow is carefully managed through and around the car by the time.

Advanced Aerodynamics – Comparatively, the other cars an aerodynamically designed to be as smooth as possible. While apertures in the front bumper optimize airflow through the wheel arches explicitly. Lastly, XF cuts through the air. Thereafter reducing wind noise for enhanced refinement and improved efficiency later.

Craftsmanship and Space – Especially, ultra-modern craftsmanship and a luxurious practical interior. Together with the space to stretch out and enjoy every journey. Furthermore, the rear seating configuration increases volume and versatility. Since passengers will use leg, knee, and headroom that are among in essence the best in class.


Connectivity Standard Features

Pinpoint Touch Control – Since this Pinpoint control allows you to interact with information double-quick. And also, the touch screen reports in the same manner. Likewise, a smartphone or tablet computer are providing multi-touch motion such as zoom and also swipe. 

Multimedia – With the features on the touchscreen we can enjoy the range of multimedia. Especially, we can connect our device otherwise we may see the details. Once playlists and music are displayed by artists and albums.

Personalized Homepage – At this instant, you can set up your home screen the way you want them. Afterward, add over 60 shortcuts and widgets. Markedly that may you customize in your system.

Frequently Asked Question

Sri Ram Car luxury car rental services in Chennai. Now that provides you with the number of kilometers allocations for the specific cars that you rent. And of course, the renter is responsible for an additional cost per kilometer. On the whole, if you drive over the started kilometers granted later.

Moreover, our Jaguar car rental can be rented period for a minimum of two days formerly. Meanwhile, with exception only for wedding and photoshoots experience packages instead.

Alternate and delivery services are offered by the rental cars that airports basically, do not have a rental location within the airport itself.

Alternate Services – For example, the rental car services will pick up you at the airport and take you to the location so as to sign the agreement and pick up your rental.

Delivery Services – The car rental services will deliver the rental to you at the airport.

Yes, you can. For that, simply complete each Jaguar XF  hire and you will receive a separate confirmation number for each booking.

If In case of an accident, and you are involved in an accident, you should do the following –
a) Immediately call the emergency service and also the police. In case presence of any third-party liability.
b) Please do not leave the car without making sure it was safe.
c) Write down the names and addresses of all people involved and any witnesses.

Especially, is there any lockdown in the state due to Covid – 19, we offer a voucher or refund. For more detail, about lockdown time information you may contact us at 24/7 – emergency phone number – 9884404343.

In most cases, we will recalculate the rate and charge you according to the length of time you had the vehicle if you return a car early. As well as, some locations do charge an early return fee.

Of course, you can, some changes are qualification to your reservation may affect that price. Usually, reservations online will give you the best rate and save you time at pick-up.

Basically, the rental extension must be managed by the rental office, which has been calculated that new prices.

We deliver the vehicle to the address of your choice at the beginning of the rental period. Our Driver will review and contact you for more detail. Afterward, our trained staff will happy to explain everything about your luxury Jaguar car to you. Hence all your questions have been answered. Then you can drive immediately.

What Customer Say About Us

Wow! What an exceptional service we received from Sri Ram Wedding car rental. The Jaguar car was very much beautifully presented and made a real disclosed! just like what we want. We highly recommend Jaguar wedding car rental to anyone who’s looking for a beautiful origin car for their special day. Thank you for your excellent service and contribution to our special day.


I want to say a HUGE thank you for everything. Honestly, you were amazing, all our guests loved the car, so professional, put us all at peacefulness. I and my family members are felt that safe and comfortable trip. Your services have been amazing from start to end. Thank you once again.


Sri Ram Car made our day even more perfect! The car looked fantastic looked awesome, and was amazing. So much fun to have him as our driver! We had so many compliments! We will ensure we leave you a great review once everything has settled. Thank you again.

Anna Nagar

Car Rental Gallery Jaguar XF

The Bridal ceremony is an extremely emotional one for the bride and her family. Formerly, the moment when it really dawns on you that you are getting married and leaving your family members. This moment is when everyone breaks down a little and cries. As a result, it will be one that will stay in your heart forever.

Identically, if you want to impress your friends and family, you can arrange a luxury car for them to come to your wedding in style. Similarly, if you have guests coming from out of town, make sure that you avail of wedding car hires to pick them up from the airport or the station. Occasionally, you do arrange a luxury car for them also. Another way to use wedding car hires for guests is by using them to bring your guests to your wedding venue.

Wedding Ride JaguarXF

wedding car rental services offer a huge range of stylish wedding cars along with qualified drivers at very comfortable and friendly. Our prices cater to your personal needs as well as your budget. Arriving at your wedding in a luxury Jaguar XF car signifies class, wealth, and most importantly style. Henceforth, we are here to make your dreams come to reality. For all, you can hire us.