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Searching for a premium car for rent? Hire Jaguar XE from us.

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Jaguar XE

Wedding Gridle With Rental Jaguar

  • Every parent wants to have a grand Wedding event for their children basically. Therefore this is the new beginning of a new phase in life after all. In the long run, especially it cannot be ordinary. Most important, we are very much anxious about the quality of our fleets all in all. And also deliver Neat, Clean, and Well maintained vehicles with our trained drivers by the time. All our vehicles are immaculately maintained & driven by experienced drivers generally.
  • At this time Sri Ram Cars gives you Jaguar XE on Rent for weddings in Chennai. In fact, Jaguar Experienced the peak of Automotive Luxury like never before. We offer the ideal mix of extravagance, quality administration, and also riches. Especially for the reason in the event that you need rent for your overall wedding occupations. On this occasion, you may hire Jaguar XE with us without delay.
  • The Jaguar currently goes with altogether even more speed, style, and also refinement this time. That is to say, Jaguar XE is coupled with a Brilliant inside, Sportiness, and luxury. To begin with Quattro’s four-wheel drive, athletic managing, strong execution, unfathomable brakes, and lastly calmed turnpike. Jaguar is different from remarkably contrasted with other driving.
  • The consultation, that you simply recognize you’re going at significantly wrongful velocities. Finally when you look at the speedometer at this instant. Thus body rides level and certifiable, the eight-speed transmission is hidden and tire noise is calm even completed. And a messed up black-top which is at any rate markedly extraordinary in Jaguar. Without a doubt, in a word hire a Jaguar XE Luxury car for the wedding.
  • In short Jaguar XE Cars are sophisticated. While Indian cars are available in different versions, all those Jaguar Car Rental services for wedding events. Particularly the model Jaguar cars are cheap and also affordable price.
wedding-Jaguar XE-car
wedding Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE Car Rental Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1900
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers90
Drivers Tariff450
Schedule day500
Jaguar-XE Collection

Jaguar XE Collections

Without a doubt, travel is wonderful in any form obviously. Particularly a huge sense of freedom we can get when traveling by car. Additionally also makes it easier to. While traveling by car in fact there was no baggage limits or restrictions. Traveling with friends by car means similarly you don’t have to sit next to strangers. In general, car travel is one of the most comfortable modes of traveling after all.

Jaguar XE Car


Altogether Jaguar XE has one upcoming model in India. Presently the Jaguar is one of the luxury vehicles in fact. Obviously, the style and also presence are differentiating it from any other car. Extraordinary and Instinctively eye-catching, Stay comfortable with our Jaguar XE thereafter.

Design Jaguar

Design and Stylish Car For Rent

Redefined XE all in all comfortably meets that criteria. Now it’s packed with enhancements, innovations, and also technology stylish good looks. Precision engineering, and a palpable sense of excitement overall.

From its muscular stance and power to the new bumpers, front grille, and LED headlights and taillights. Since you can tell in one glance that the remarkable jaguar. 

The Style Quotient

While that the XE hails from the Jaguar family likewise. Markedly it’s got a fantastic blend of curves, creases, and also citified surroundings. Altogether the Jaguar will never be lost in a crowd overall. It’s cool without being over-the-top, to say nothing of the jaguar sensitivity and classiness.

With the result that quite a few sporty touches to the design but overall, it still looks like the perfect car for a rental. For the most part, make your family trip more memorable.

XE Left Angle Style Quotient
Jaguar XE Luxurious

Hire Luxurious Car

However, the Jaguars are all about conservative luxury still. Without a doubt, Jaguar is the bigger sedan this time. Unquestionably, it was luxurious, but with a strong sense of performance also.

Additionally, now multi-functional seating gives you complete control of your personal comfort. In detail, passengers can enjoy heated, perforated soft grain seats. And, as you take control behind the wheel in short.

Power Of Rental Car

Since Jaguar has globally offered the XE with three engines especially. Altogether they are further divided into five engine specifications finally. Even though, the first thing 2-liter four-cylinder diesel with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. At this point, it can be had in two specs – 160bhp and 177bhp.

Secondly, for those who are interested in performance. Certainly, there is a 2 – liter petrol engine with two power ratings – 197 bhp and 236 bhp. And finally, Jaguars borrows it’s 3 – liter V6 motor from the F – type overall.

Power Jaguar XE
Handle Curves Jaguar

Jaguar XE Can Handle Curves

Hence the Jaguars’ munificent use of aluminum and also magnesium. As well as pretty light and this shows in the way it conveys all that power then again. High pressure gives a surprisingly good balance between agility and comfort lastly. The XE is offered with wheel sizes between 18 to 20 inches, for the benefit of ride quality altogether.

Book A Fast And Furious Car For Rent

Hence the 8-speed automatic transmission (with a manual paddle-shift override) is genuinely quick. Unexpected league to produce markedly recognized performance figures. But the XE surprises on this front even more. Overall with its more moderate, four-cylinder engines instead.

Such as the most mind-boggling things for all, given that it takes just 5.1 seconds to get to 100 kph. As a result an electronically-limited top speed of 250 kph this time. From time to time these all sound great when being driven fast.

Jaguar XE Fast Furious

Frequently Asked Question

If you have not picked up your car yet in due time. You can view our site contact page and cancel your reservation by clicking that page in detail.

The second option was that call our emergency contact number for canceling and also modify the reservation. Furthermore, you may come to our office to cancel or modify the reservation finally.

That is to say, Sri Ram Cars Rental service has 10 years of experience in this field. We provide this time Car Rental for wedding Events, Photoshoots, Airport pickup & drop. And also corporate services, Tour traveling, and business trips.

Without delay, Sri Ram Cars reservations are confirmed within 20 minutes after making the payment all in all. If making a last-minute reservation we suggest you contact our reservations center furthermore details.

Meanwhile, your fuel details will be set by the Jaguar which one you selecting for rent, timing, and for what purpose. While the fuel policy will be based on this. Which you can find throughout the booking of the rental car particularly.

While Sri Ram Cars drivers are well gentle and also knowledgeable persons. Particularly if you want to check their details you can.

During renting a Jaguar XE car, basically, you have to provide an ID. That is to say your personal identification card or driving license.

Disposable gloves and hand sanitizer will be available at our locations, our rental agents will be wearing masks. And also our customers are also encouraged to wear masks.

Obviously, we understand your plans may change and you may need to keep the vehicle longer than planned. If this occurs, please contact the rental location directly via the phone number.

Yes, the additional charges apply when booking Jaguar. Therefore, you may find out the chargers for the additional driver while booking.

The method of payment available to the customer depends on the coverage options selected. Thereupon payment by cash, Cards, and all other online payments. Further, in more detail contact us.

What Customer Say About Us

I got an excellent result from the Sri Ram Car rental services. They always do great work and it is always on time. As soon as they deliver what they promise – perfect profession coupled with first-rate service. We had a comfortable and safe journey today. As such no recommendation as all the requirements were fulfilled.  

Aruan Kumar

Overall I am giving five (5) stars for their service. On the whole, they were well committed and responsible and the JaguarXE was also well maintained. I really appreciate that, and also looking forward to taking Sri Ram Car services.


My rating is 4. It was safe to ride. The driver was excellent in service and a very helpful person. That is to say during a difficult situation they provided good services on time. Everything was nice and comfortable. To be sure we enjoyed the ride with Jaguar.

Anna Nagar

Gallery Jaguar XE Rental Car

Sri Ram Cars are the fastest-growing wedding car rental service in Chennai. Without a doubt, we have a variety of luxury cars at an excellent low cost with us. Such as we guarantee to ensure that customer satisfaction is first in our basic core. Sri Ram wedding cars are a one-stop for all your luxury wedding transport needs. In reality, along with safety, we concentrate on customers’ comfort and convenience in hassle-free rides. There will be no hidden charges and to serve with the best quality services. Obviously, we make our customers feel extremely comfortable with the ride.

Wedding Ride Jaguar XE

Especially, we provide the perfect Wedding Car Rental services in Chennai. You can go anywhere from your location. However, we have an all variety of cars for increasing your enjoyment. Jaguar cars are superior models that are costly and modern and the latest variants are preferred for wedding events.