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Looking for a Rental Car? Hire Toyota Car Rental from Sri Ram Cars.

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Toyota Rental Services

Toyota Rental Services makes it simple to hire on your terms for everyday travel, business excursions, and test drives. Create an account on the app, choose a model, and then pick it up from a nearby dealer. Especially You won’t have to seek far with Sri Ram Cars to get luxury, cheap, and environmentally friendly Toyota models.

at the same time, we will help you choose the right Toyota for your needs, whether you need a van for moving day, a hybrid for a long trip, or a test drive for the latest model.

Sri Ram Cars is a great place to rent a car

You may enjoy the your luxury Toyota car rental without any of the hazards, ensuring that you get the right vehicle for you. Sri Ram Cars, located in Chennai, can assist you with all of your rental car needs. We utilize only the latest Toyota vehicles. Although all of our rental vehicles come with 24-hour roadside support, which covers mechanical breakdowns, fluid deliveries, tyre replacements, jump starts, lockout service, and towing, whether you’re renting for leisure, business, or special events.

Why Rent a Toyota?

Rentals of services

 Do you require a temporary transportation while your automobile is being serviced? Count on us much as you on your Toyota. You can choose from a variety of automobiles in our fleet. So don’t worry about slowing down; our rental will keep you moving on.

Rentals from a Body Shop

Of course You’ll need dependable and reliable transportation while your vehicle is being fixed at the body shop. Rent a Toyota can provide you with a fully equipped late model Toyota as well as comprehensive 24-hour roadside support.

What services do we provide at Sri Ram Cars?

The various trustworthy and fuel-efficient options at Sri Ram Cars meet your demands for days, weeks, and even months. Mechanical breakdowns, fluid supplies, tire changes, jump starts, lockout service, and towing are all covered by Toyota Rental’s complimentary 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

• On all vehicles, there are no mileage restrictions.
• Additional Drivers are free.
• Vehicles that do not allow smoking
• Only new model vehicles will be accepted.
• Weekend Policy: Pick up on Friday evenings between 4-6 p.m. and return by noon on Monday. Late returns may result in fees.
• Pricing will be affected by special seasonal rates. Check out the Specials section of our website!
• Tax is included in all pricing.

Affordable Price

  • Before you buy, give it a shot. Drive the same model you’re thinking about buying for a day or two.
  • While we repair, you can rent! If your Toyota needs service, renting a Toyota might be a fun and convenient way to move around while we work on it.
  • Make room for family or friends! If you require a larger vehicle for out-of-town visitors, we provide a variety of options.
  • Choose the ideal getaway vehicle! Are you planning a road trip? Rent a Toyota that’s ideal for your journey: better gas mileage, four-wheel drive, more cargo capacity, more seats, and so on.
  • Make a special event even more so! Treat yourself to a night on the town, whether it’s for a big date, graduation, or just a night out.
  • Need a car for a long amount of time when visiting the area but don’t want to own one? Instead, rent it. There are long-term rental agreements available.

What exactly do you require?

Accordingly, All renters must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. Also At the time of rental, proof of full coverage insurance is necessary. Smoking is not authorized, In Sri Ram Cars Vehicles. Although If there is proof of smoking, as well as the use of strong cologne, perfume, or air fresheners, a fine will be imposed. Any vehicle that is not returned with a full tank will incur fuel charges.

Remarks on licenses

• A valid driver’s license issued by the Renter’s home state or country of origin is required (i.e., must not be expired, must not have any restrictions).
• It is permitted, but not needed, to have an International Driving Permit or license.
• A military license is allowed as long as it is accompanied by the Renter’s state of residence license and proof of active duty status.
• A Learner’s Permit is ineligible as a valid driver’s license.
• It’s possible that a temporary license, permits, or applies for a driver’s license will suffice. Always ensure that such paperwork is valid and has not expired with your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Our advantages in Sriram cars

 To be sure we think that we are providing excellent customer service isn’t the only thing we can do for our community. Our fuel-efficient automobiles demonstrate our dedication to environmental protection. Especially We have a big selection of Toyota sedans, spacious SUVs, tough trucks, and economical hybrid vehicles for you to pick from, no matter which type you’re interested in renting. 

our services

Sri Ram Cars can provide you with a rental vehicle for any event. We have an outstanding range of premium Toyota models available to rent, whether you need a vehicle for sightseeing on vacation, a work trip out of town.

To be sure While waiting for your present vehicle to be serviced. As well as Premium materials will provide unlimited comfort and service.