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BMW 3 - Car Rental
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BMW 3 - Car Rental wedding Special

The BMW 3-series is a joy to drive no matter which of its silky powertrains is at work. While its remarkable refinement is offset by a less-than-perfect steering feel, its body is composed on any type of road, its brakes are powerful, and its ride is comfortable for daily tasks. Rivals like the Genesis G70 are more affordable, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a more attractive alternative, but no other sports sedan offers the Bimmer’s versatility

Fantastic BMW 3 Car Rental

The 3-series is available with a fantastic turbocharged four-cylinder (330i), a plug-in-hybrid setup (330e) with up to 23 miles of all-electric range, or a ferocious 382-hp turbo straight-six (M340i) that’s as eager and effortless as engines come, as well as a sublime eight-speed automatic and rear- or all-wheel drive. Fortunately, the sedan’s excellence does not stop with driving enjoyment.

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Features BMW 3 Car Rental

The BMW 3-series lineup remains unchanged. The list of minor changes consists primarily of reorganized option packages, new standard features for specific models, and an updated roster of individual options.

Blind-spot monitoring, hands-free passive entry, a head-up display, a heated steering wheel, a larger touchscreen, and other features are available.

We’d also get the Dynamic Handling package, which improves the sedan’s handling with adaptive dampers and upgraded brakes.

BMW 3 - Car Rental

BMW 3 Car Rental Design

The 3-series is powered by two smooth and powerful gas engines. A turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque in the 330i.

The M340i is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine that generates 385 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. By combining a turbo 2.0-liter engine with an electric motor, the 330e plug-in hybrid produces 288 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

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BMW 3 Car Rental Impression

The 330e’s first impression revealed a good interplay between the gas and electric aspects, and we appreciate the new Xtraboost function, which delivers a surge of power that feels like nitrous oxide.

Each engine is mated to an outstanding eight-speed automatic transmission and comes standard with rear-wheel drive. You can rent all four wheels for a price.

Transmission BMW 3 Car Rental

Unfortunately, manual transmissions are no longer available. (If a stick is required, purists should wait for the all-new BMW M3.) On the 3, buyers can choose between two suspension configurations: the standard arrangement or the upgrade with adaptive dampers.

The car’s newfound steering feel provides more road-surface information and variable effort than its predecessor; however, it still falls short of the three iconic early generations.

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Outperformed BMW 3 Car Rental

The four-cylinder BMW outperformed other sports sedans in a comparison test. We admired its ability to shift from relaxed and refined to sharp and playful.

In a two-car comparison, the 330i defeated the stunning Alfa Romeo Giulia. With its superb six-cylinder engine and remarkable body control, our long-term M340i demonstrates the nameplate’s return to form.

BMW 3 Car Rental Modal

Fuel Economy Rental Car

The four-cylinder 330i is expected to get up to 26 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA. The M340i’s six-cylinder engine achieves up to 23 mpg in the city and 32 on the highway. The rear-drive, plug-in-hybrid variant gets 28 mpg combined and has a 23-mile all-electric range.

Both figures are reduced by three for the PHEV with all-wheel drive. We tested a rear-drive 330i on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route as part of our extensive testing regimen, and it returned an impressive 42 mpg. Similarly, we ran the same test on an all-wheel-drive M340i, which got 33 mpg.

Rental Car Comfort

The interior of the 3 series has been modernized, with excellent materials and impressive build quality. Nothing in the 3-series feels cheap, and the controls are well placed.

Outward vision has also been increased, and the standard sports seats are well-bolstered and supportive, with enough flexibility for a comfortable ride.

A detailed head-up display, customizable ambient interior lighting, heated front, and rear seats, remote start, and wireless charging are among the optional features. 

Rent BMW 3 Interior

BMW 3 Rental Car Interior

The digital instrument cluster on the BMW is cluttered but still appealing. Some people may find the counterclockwise sweep of the tachometer needle strange at first, but you quickly get used to it. The gas-powered sedan’s cargo space is 17 cubic feet, which means it can fit six carry-on suitcases back there and 17 total with the rear row folded.

In both tests, the Mercedes-Benz C300 sedan held one fewer suitcase, while the Alfa Romeo Giulia could fit five and 15, respectively. Because of the battery pack, the 330e has less trunk space (13 cubic feet), and we haven’t tested its carry-on capacity.

Rental Car Infotainment

The standard infotainment system is controlled by an 8.8-inch touchscreen, but the interface can also be controlled by a large knob and buttons on the console, as well as voice commands. The Live Cockpit Plus feature set, which includes navigation, is standard.

The Live Cockpit Pro package, which increases the size of the touchscreen to 10.3 inches and includes the most recent and capable iteration of BMW’s iDrive system, is required for the really good stuff.

BMW Rental Infotainment
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Rental Car Controle

Although a Wi-Fi hotspot subscription is not required, the vehicle does come equipped with two USB ports. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available.

One charming choice is BMW’s Gesture Control, which permits the driver or traveler to submit orders through hand signals. It’s more intriguing than practical, but it’ll keep your pals entertained for a while.

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Rental Car High-Quality

The cabin has been redesigned and is more spacious, with a driver-focused cockpit. The instrument panel is updated, and the dashboard now has horizontal lines with high-quality electroplated trim strips and contours that extend onto the doors.

Self-leveling hub caps on the wheels are another interesting feature. Optional laser headlamps are also available from BMW. While lower-spec cars have more contoured panel sections, the M Sport trim adds huge air intakes and horizontal LED fog lights.

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BMW 3 Rental Car Safety

BMW’s standard driver-assistance technology is limited to forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. However, other features are available. For example, the Parking Assistance package will practically park your car for you.

  • Available blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert
  • Available lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist
  • Available adaptive cruise control

BMW 3 Rental Car Safety

BMW’s standard driver-assistance technology is limited to forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking. However, other features are available. For example, the Parking Assistance package will practically park your car for you.

  • Available blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert
  • Available lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist
  • Available adaptive cruise control
Safety BMW 3 Car Rental
Professional BMW 3 Car Rental

Professional BMW 3 Rental Car

At Sri Ram Cars, our professional staff arranges according to the needs of the guests, providing personal attention and care so that you can contact them at any hour of the day.

We have specialized experience and can assist you in making the best transportation decision for your wedding day as well as knowing your schedule requirements. Our dedicated team will always be happy to assist, whether it’s simply a fancy car to get you or a fleet of vintage wedding automobiles to dazzle your wedding guests.

Maintained BMW 3 Rental Car

We have a tremendous assortment of classical vehicles from the earlier hundred years. Each car is one-of-a-kind, and they are all expertly maintained. Our devoted team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience.

We recognize the importance of your wedding day and wish to help you create a lasting memory. The following are some of the uses for our high-end vehicles.

Maintained BMW 3 Car Rental
BMW 3 Car Rental Occasions Special

Occasions Special BMW 3 Rental Car

Obviously we are glad to provide full-service luxury car rentals for your particular event or occasion to make it more memorable and unique. Hence we’ll make sure your event leaves a lasting impact, whether for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, or classy parties.

Overall, we offer full-service luxury transportation packages and all of the luxury amenities you’d expect from a full-service luxury transportation company. However parties are getting more popular these days, especially among groups of friends and businesses of all sizes.

BMW 3 Rental Car Services

Do you want to wow a distinguished guest or a business client? A stylish arrival, in particular, is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on any visitor, because the first impression is the most important.

Thereupon we can supply transportation for your company’s holiday party and other special occasions. Likewise we can also arrange for special guests or clients to be picked up on your behalf from anywhere in Chennai.

BMW 3 Car Rental Services

Wedding Rental Car

Likewise, pick a vehicle that supplements your wedding’s subject. One of the various advantages of employing wedding vehicles is that they can be used for purposes other than wedding transportation.

You can choose a vehicle that suits your theme whether your wedding is in a garden on sumptuous estate grounds, on a country club golf course, or on beachside property.

This adds to the beauty of the ceremony and reception surroundings, but it also offers your venue that extra touch that elevates the whole feeling of luxury.

Celebrations Rental Car

Sri Ram Cars have an incredible staff of experts that can answer any questions you could have about our administration. Every wedding day transportation quote we provide, every inquiry we handle, and each booking process we take is dealt with rapidly, proficiently, and expertly by one of our colleagues.

Our customer service staff is here to help you make the right decision and navigate the quotation and booking process for your wedding cars. These experts have some suggestions and can discuss your concerns and plans with you outside of typical business hours at a time that is more convenient for you. We will keep you updated on our plans on a regular basis

BMW 3 Car Rental Celebrations