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Audi A4 Car is the new face of luxury, with updated design, and performance. Particularly, the name Audi is often identified with high quality.  As can be seen from the cutting-edge design to next-level luxury. Since Audi has compatible at any rate behind the top of the deluxe automobile game. Especially, this car looks are very good, has more space inside. At the same time smart technology also.We maintain strict tariff rates despite of petrol/diesel cost. Our customer satisfaction is important.

Audi A4 Car Rental - Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1500
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers90
Drivers Tariff500
Schedule day400
Audi A4 Car Rental

Audi A4 Car Rental - Bridal Collections

While cherry-picking your flexible Bridal Car Rental collections with us. And Also groove on your ride with your family and friends. Hence, Sri Ram Cars assist in Bridal Car Rental services in Chennai. Hire a Luxury Audi A4 Car we provide the excessively stylish and facilities.

No Ordinary Design

  • This car is one of those historic vehicles, as well as that, is enough to stand by the model name alone.
  • All in all, A4 takes that richly deserved renown to new levels and replaces itself as the new standard for luxury on the whole, while a fresh new design and a modernized capability and smart features are included.
  • Especially feel the power and experience the luxury cabin, at this instant you will experience it once in a while. For that, we will help you to move forward.
Audi A4 Hire in Chennai
Luxury Cabin Audi A4

audi a4 car rental Luxury Cabin

  • An A4 Car generally flying capability and power on the outside convey to equal extent comfort and convenience. In addition to thoughtful details, even more, high-quality materials, and up-to-date in-car technology.
  • Especially, Premium leather seating with variation filling enlarges a level of accuracy that  Audi can offer while obtainable.
  • Ambient LED lighting offers color choices that added style and atmosphere to the  A4 luxury cabin. Finally, this time the back split-folding and rear seating offer push-button back end space to fit everything from baggage to carving.

Music System

  • Generally, ultra-luxury has a piece of highly ultra-modern music and information system at this instant for the next-generation automation creation. 
  • In another case, the radio, CD, DVD player with the privilege to connect USB devices and connect exterior devices through Aux-in and Bluetooth.
  • Similarly, the new generation music system gave that just about similar features together with powerful eight speakers. By the time Audi sound system makes it special in its section.
Audi A4 Car Rental

Model audi a4 car rental

  • Although this may be true the Audi A4 sits at the top of our luxury thick sports classification in its delightful driving experience. Overall, the standard engine together with a four-cylinder that is paired with a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic conveyance is present at this time.
  • Formerly, the interior fit and finish are accomplished, and the front seats are comfortable though the back-end seat is close. As much as a fully digital instrument panel exhibit material instruction all are included at this time in front of the driver.
  • To clarify the complete way and the center screen is united with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Moreover, the interior fitting and conclusion are excellent and the front seats are cozy although the back end was stiff.

Purification Ability

  • As a result, the Audi A4 opens out to take equally important, even glossy, and more optimistic design.
  • Identically, this illustrates things to a greater extent available with energetic model design. LED headlights and taillights that blink light smoothly from left to right.
  • Therefore, this intention of the all-wheel-drive offers superior flexibility. And smooth handling while you push the accessibility also.  Such has a dual-clutch transmission to that end.
  • Hire Audi A4 for a day we have tailored special packages for the customer benefits.

Audi A4 Car Rental New Features

While A4 doesn’t stay in the letters. After all, Audi wearing the same understated and traditional look as before. On the whole, it may not look brand-new electric, at the present time. Overcome with the A4 remarkable section as can be seen clean. At the same time, a strong body with plenty of interesting details is significantly in a true Audi.

audi a4 car rental Safety

This car provided pretty well standard. In general, you will get six airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction, and stability control.

Most importantly A4 included more security also, cruise control. Altogether reversing sensors help you to park.

The pop-up cover to protect,  for that reason we will not hit any walker by mistake. On the positive side, one most important system was the break.

Given that, for you to avoid crashes around town. In the same fashion, there are a huge number of active systems were there in A4. You can choose from the options list finally.

Purification Ability A4 Audi

audi a4 car rental Performance

There are a whole bunch of engines available in the A4. Since, the car has a powerful performance, not a cruel powertrain.

Its ride effect a fine balance between comfort and sportiness. In short, Audi provides gentle road manners and sharp handling.

Steer and Braking

Basically, this vehicle beat a good balance between comfort and flow. Ride quality stays gentle over the harsh roads.

While strong brakes and energetic handling will help even more fun to drive. Certainly, all versions of the A4 handle are expected and also stable.

Audi A4 provided a better balance while handling. Even though attention with the sharper-handling rivals if that’s your main priority.

Audi A4 Car rental Chennai
audi a4 acceleration


Similarly, the A4 Audi features are a seven-speed automatic transmission double. Due to a turbo-four engine that puts out 188 horsepower in front-wheel-drive models.

Thereafter 248 horsepower in all-wheel-drive models. Generally, Audi A4 with front-wheel drive gets an EPA-estimated. 27 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.

Exterior design

This luxurious car has handsome featuring sharp-looking headlights. After all, a large grille, and attractive bodywork specific such as the creased bonnet.

Furthermore, the entry-level Audi A4 technology features 17-inch alloy wheels in a 10-display design.

It also has LED headlights and attractive features trim around the network and windows. However even as a base model and it’s also sharp-looking.

Audi A4 Interior

Interior design

The Audi is celebrated for its high-quality interiors. The dashboard design was very simple and easy to navigate, with the most activity, being operated through the information system. The group of buttons and dials that one controlled the system has been restored by an annexation that’s fully touchscreen. After that driving position is now comfortable and easy, and all-around visibility is clearer than it may rival too. High transmission in the tunnel eats the most part amount of foot space across the back row, so carrying three in the back might be a major bit of a carry-off.

Terms and Conditions


The amount of standard equipment you may get is greatly improved specifically at the same time. In order to be arrested the optional Technology Pack presents three-zone climate control, cruise control, an electric boot lid release also, and a decent information system may also be included in this.

Altogether Audi has a sat-nav, heated front seats, digital instruments, and a reversing camera, analogous is in the A4. Furthermore upgraded to sports edge obtain leather upholstery, LED interior lighting, sports seats, and a rather different interior finish, while S line edge gives you lots in the way of fashion increase.

If you to want an exotic ride hire Audi A4 with us.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, This Audi provided safety airbags. The vehicle obtains driver and front passenger airbags, finally side airbags for both front and rear passengers.

  • A4 provides several latest safety and security features. The safety features include 3-point inertia-reel seat belts for all seats, belt force controllers after that seat belt tensioners, In conclusion, front seat belt reminders altogether.
  • As well as Anti-Lock Braking System, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Anti-Slip Regulation, and finally Electronic Differential Lock all the safety features are available. In the same way full-size airbags for drivers and front passengers, in order to side airbags for front head and also rear occupants.

Yes, In this luxury car features having a parking sensor in front and consequently rear in general.

Yes, The Audi A4 is having Interior Lighting.

  • Because well-appointed with interior comforts, Heated leather seats, modern infotainment centers. Afterward custom climate control settings all be ready for you inside an Audi A4. Moreover, passengers will enjoy the extended leg and headroom during long drives. 
  • For the most part, while having plenty of trunk space to accommodate your luggage. Those who are all riding in your rental Audi A4 you will enjoy the experience of being gentle driving, luxurious interior, and energetic handling.
  • Yes, you can choose different delivery and pickup locations within the same city, without any extra prices other than the common delivery/pickup invoice. However, this option needs to be availed while establishing the booking, before it is confirmed.
  • You may also adjust the booking later, however, it will engage relevant modification to this end charges.

At this point you will get help from our Website or call us, under those circumstances, you can modify or cancel your booking. Our faculty to modify/cancel the booking and the applicable charges depend upon your time of informing us and as long as the availability of cars.

We understand that sometimes there can be last-minute changes in your plans, in that case, we will try our best to assist them. But in the meantime situations where it can cause difficulty to the next user, we cannot allow late returns. For that, the extension charges will be there for every late hour.

Our prices include the rental charge, insurance, and GST. In addition, you have the option of “with fuel” and “without fuel” pricing. In “with fuel” pricing, prices include fuel. In “without fuel” pricing, prices exclude fuel. Our prices do not include tolls, interstate taxes, and parking. No hidden charges!

Accordingly, we accept payments by credit cards, debit cards, net banking, UPI, Paytm, and popular wallets. However, payments need to be made in advance through our website.

Consumer Reports

Excellent Communication – Great service, very professional, Highly recommended. They are all very friendly, professional, and even more helpful. Sri Ram Cars Rental services were very patient, professional and they gave us many options. you won’t find pushy for rent or hire a car. Thank you so much and keep it up.

Anna Nagar

Highly Recommend – Finally we decided to check out with the Sri Ram Cars for Audi A4 Car rental. Frequent of very clean cars to choose by the time. They gave me a great trade-in price and pack for rental off with me gently.


 Decorated Audi A4 – They sent a decorated Audi A4 with a driver and they were in good time. They have the best luxurious cars. Really professional people to deal with us and the booking was also done very well ordered. We really liked their contact what they transaction with us.


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Book a special Wedding Car for your special day. Sri Ram Cars provides all credibility luxury rental cars for your unique. We also organize flower decorations at sensible prices for that. You will get complete flexibility to plan your specialized day.

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We have a large section of wedding car rental, Hire now our Audi A4 Car rental at Sri Ram cars. People love to explore and we help them to do. We giving the wings to fly on road.