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Looking for Luxury Car Rental? Hire Vintage Contessa Classic Rental from Sri Ram Cars.

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Vintage Contessa Classic Rental

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a Contessa car rental in Chennai. Sri Ram Cars always provide a different regal experience, which is why many auto fans aspire to possess Contessa cars. But they are prohibitively pricey for most. Why not book a Contessa Car in Chennai and get the same adrenaline rush? Sri Ram Cars provides the best antique car rental services to allow car enthusiasts to test drive their favorite car. You can rent Contessa automobiles straight from our websites and enjoy the excitement of riding your famous wheel.

Contessa Classic

The Contessa is a four-door Beauford convertible with an extra-long wheelbase to accommodate passengers and wedding gowns. Especially This is a very unusual Beauford convertible with a completely open roof. It a perfect on a dry day because it allows the citizens to take photos from inside and outside the vehicle. Also, The Contessa is suited for a bridal car, either in meeting with our classic Bridal vehicle or on its own.

Sri Ram Cars offers Contessa cars for rent at the most affordable pricing in Chennai. Surely You won’t have to deal with complicated procedures like employing drivers. Then We have all the alternatives to help you save time and money while hiring a car.

Contessa Wedding Car Rental

Moreover, Sri Ram Cars provides the best wedding transportation in lovely Contessa cars. With our vintage cars, you can make your events special and one-of-a-kind. Just call us, and we’ll take care of all the details for your wedding at a reasonable price. Sri Ram Cars also give offers discounts and special waivers for longer rental periods.

Contessa cars can be arranged for any wedding location in Chennai and the surrounding areas. A wedding is a religious ceremony in which two or more individuals are married. 

vintage service

At the same time, we provide a variety of price plans from which you can select the best choice for your needs. You can also view our vehicles and choose one of your favorites, which we will deliver on your wedding day. Particularly you can reserve Contessa cars for various special events, including birthdays, anniversaries, surprise drives, VIP escorts, and airport car rentals, among others. Hire one of our antique cars from a large selection of luxury car rentals at nominal rates. Whenever it Makes your life’s moments endure a lifetime and experience luxury with top-notch automobile rentals in Chennai.

Our Luxury Fleets can add an extraordinary experience for the bride and groom to make the moment immortal when you hire Contessa Car Rental for your wedding.  Hiring a car is the most convenient and cost-effective mode of transportation for many people. As a result, even if you hire a car, you can enjoy the privacy of your vehicle. Car rentals are more profitable due to the extra convenience of travel that a vehicle provides.

Rental of a Contessa Car for Auto Shows

Overall Life is an adventure to be discovered, and automotive enthusiasts travel great distances to witness the world of vintage automobiles. Contessa car hire for auto shows with actionable intelligence. Basically, Make your networking events and world-class auto shows more efficient using our top-of-the-line vehicles. Even though Our vehicles can capture your audience’s attention and act as show-stealers at your event.

Allow the audience to revel in the antique ambiance’s true pleasures by displaying exquisite Contessa automobiles. If you’re on a budget and want to hire a vintage car for a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place. Then give us a shot you can book as many of our automobiles as your budget will allow. 

Sriram cars and features about vintage classic

Sri Ram Automobiles is an appealing option for hiring the best cars in our city. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees because we offer the most precise pricing in the industry. As the result, Sri Ram Cars arranges various unique automobiles that transform the bride and groom into king and queen.  That We recognize the needs of our customers for special days! As a result, we’ve made renting a vintage car relatively easy. Above all Contact us, and we will be at your house with first-rate quality and service.  

Cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes have different wedding traditions and customs. One of the most unforgettable events in a person’s life is their wedding. Overall That should be one of life’s most memorable experiences. As well It makes getting around so simple and economical. If You have the option of driving the car yourself or hiring a driver.

Vintage Contessa Classic Rental

Rent a Contessa automobile in Chennai, and it will be delivered to you. Significantly You may also easily present our Contessa car rental for auto shows since our fleet will appear fresh new, giving guests a glimpse into the past. Furthermore, if you are unsure about the duration, choose pricing options depending on your flexibility and pay extra for different timings. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you throughout the rental process.

For a multitude of reasons, renting a car is a terrific alternative. Even though You may want to rent a car if you are stationed in a city for a few months or if you are visiting or traveling to another town.

Contessa Classic for Shooting – Vintage

Vehicles play a critical role in the shooting process. We primarily deal in old automobiles. Our collection has a 1954 Morris Minor, Ambassador Mark 1, Fiat, and other vehicles. We only serve people who have made a reservation in advance. For filming, Sri Ram Cars offers Vintage – Contessa Classic Rental Cars. Till We have a large selection of vintage, luxury, and budget wedding cars. Other vehicles include antique auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers, you can select from vintage wedding cars, luxury wedding cars, and other options. Sri Ram Cars offers the best Vintage vehicle rental service in Chennai to satisfy all your shooting and transportation needs. Earlier We rent out the most refined cars throughout Chennai. Our rental inventory includes Morris Minor, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ambassador, and more classic cars. Then You can get competent and professional service with this fleet of luxury vehicles and expert drivers. 

Why Choose Us

Especially We recognize that weddings are a delicate event and that nothing could go wrong on your special day. As a result, our dedicated team of professionals leaves no stone unturned in their pursuit of greatness. High-quality standards and punctuality are among our core beliefs. Our chauffeurs are well-dressed and professional. Again, we ensure that the dress code corresponds to the color of the wedding car.

Formerly In our -a house flower designer adds the ideal feather in the hat to make the cars look even more magnificent for your wedding day. That We also ensure that our autos are sanitized regularly and that all COVID precautions are taken.

Our process

  • Search and Select
  • Look through the pictures and choose your favorite vintage vehicle. Your choice may be influenced by your preferred color, wedding date, and location.
  • Call or send a WhatsApp message.
  • Please contact us and let us know the venue and date of your wedding. Get an accurate quote as well as photographs and videos of the vehicles.
  • Request an invoice for your reservation.
  • Booking confirmation and invoice will be sent to you over WhatsApp. More information on the chauffeur will be sent 24 hours before the wedding date.

Our fleet of vehicles

In addition to Vintage – Contessa, Classic royal cars such as Rolls Royce and Limousine are part of our inventory. It also features historic Ford and Chrysler cars from the 1960s and 1970s. We offer luxury and vintage automobiles for weddings, with all of the arrangements, including flower arrangements and transportation to and from the venue, included in the package. Customers rent our lavishly decorated wedding cars to make a grand entrance. These stunning automobiles can also be hired as royal carriages to transport the bride home after the ceremony. Hire our magnificent fleet of wedding automobiles and dance your way to the wedding.

In Chennai, we have the best selection of antique cars for rent  They are all yours; you can switch between them whenever you choose. You can hire our automobiles at very affordable rates because they are part of our collection, and their values do not decrease. It costs nearly the same as a regular rental..

Our services

These cars have considerably more to offer than your average modern luxury car or supercar because they are a piece of history and have witnessed an art of living. As you drive along, you’ll probably get friendly stares and thumbs up from strangers, have chats with other automobile enthusiasts, and even be asked if you’d like a picture taken behind the wheel. You will not go undetected in any situation. We go over the car’s ins and outs together before you take the wheel

Whether for a weekend, a vacation, a birthday party, a wedding, an unforgettable gift, or a day out with friends, all these cars are at your disposal without the need for a significant investment, maintenance, storage, or insurance.