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Mini Cooper Car Rental

Searching for a luxury Mini Cooper car for rent? Hire from us.

mini cooper car rental
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Mini Cooper Car Rental - Different Occasions

Hire Convertible Wedding Mini Cooper

Envision the lady and husband participating in their ride to the wedding. Hire Mini Cooper Car Rental although, the marriage occasion in a topless Mini Convertible. Also, who doesn’t want an extravagance like a Convertible Mini Cooper vehicle? Hire from Sri Ram Cars for their wedding. All in all, we are only a handful of exceptional organizations to have a Convertible Mini Cooper Car Renta for a wedding.

For proficiency, speed and style, lease a Mini Cooper vehicle like Convertible basically. Particularly, to make the wedding occasions the jealousy of numerous visitors. Occasionally, we offer a wide range of luxury wedding vehicles remembering. Presently, the Convertible Cooper rental for Chennai at reasonable expenses to partake in a similar event. 

Rent Fashionable Mini Cooper

Furthermore, for the lady of the hour, fashionable and finished with full cosmetics to drive in the topless Mini Convertible. Moreover, for all to check out, her magnificence and satisfaction will be the most vital snapshot of her life. In brief, the Mini Cooper Hatchback is a versatile car rental that can suit all types of travel.

Nonetheless, with plenty of electronics, a powerful engine, reliability, and distinctive flair. Overall you can save money on your rental car. By paying in advance online or extending your rental duration with Us. For an optimal rental experience, take advantage of the Sri Ram Cars. Hence for the finest discounts and fantastic upgrades and services.

Airport Transfers Mini Cooper Car Rent

Only with a Mini Cooper car rental from us can you impress anyone while picking them up from the airport. Similarly, our unique brand name will have a reasonable opinion and a fun drive.

There’s also nothing like the tight racing Mini car to get to the airport in a hurry to catch a flight. While renting a Mini Cooper car for all airport transfers and travel at low rates. In short, they are fuel-efficient economy cars.

Hire Cooper Car For Corporate Events

In reality, with the growth of business enterprises, the demand for Mini car rentals has increased. Generally, it helps corporate companies in maintaining their worth. By attracting delegates to various events and functions.

Identically, the gorgeous Mini Cooper vehicle rental and the outstanding. And also, the pleasant service of tours will astound all delegates. Finally, we offer Cooper cars for any business events. By this time, we work hard to make your travel component as efficient as possible. So that the possibilities are a huge success.


MINI Coupe Corporate event

Why opt to rent a Mini Cooper?

Dream Mini Cooper Rental

Shortly, it appears that finding good Mini rental deals is a pipe dream. After that, the best part is that this fantasy is within reach. The following list examines the positive aspects of Cooper rentals in further depth.


Generally, the Mini Cooper is a car with personality and flair. And also elegance, not just a cool car. While some drivers are unconcerned with this and would rather have a car with more power than style. Mini enthusiasts are connoisseurs and will feel right at home in their Mini Cooper rental.

Services Car Rental

Mini Cooper rental firms are committed to providing excellent service to their customers. As a result, the vehicles can be in perfect condition.


Even after these years, the Mini Cooper is still a sporty car. To explain, the Mini, unlike limousine rentals, isn’t just a piece of jewelry. In reality, you drive about to attract attention. You’re cruising for attention, which can be seen in the raised eyebrows of those who can’t believe it. Specifically, a Mini can have so much power.

Mini Cooper Rental - Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1800
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers100
Drivers Tariff500
Schedule day450

Mini Cooper cars Rental Collections

Mini Clubman

Available Versions For Rent Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers are little economy cars. Basically, known for racing speeds, extreme drifting, and distinctive styling. Identically, there are a variety of Cooper models. At this time, BMW, the German carmaker, is producing them. Most models of the Mini car for rent in Chennai are available on-demand through Chennai Travels.

Hence, Classic, Signature, Iconic, and John Cooper Works. While the four different variants of Cooper cars are offered. So far the most popular type among our customers looking to hire a Mini car in Chennai. Such as, driving all of the models below is a blast in these beautiful, economical automobiles.

  • Mini Cooper cars with custom-made aesthetics and also spectacular. Now that exterior and interior features to create that one-of-a-kind style.
  • Altogether, the Mini Convertible is the best Mini automobile. Also offers a luxurious appearance and a driving experience.
  • After that, the other two versions, the Mini Cooper Countryman and Clubman are only available on-demand. Although they are both enjoyable and fuel-efficient.

So hire a Mini Cooper car to feel like a world-famous race car driver. While remaining secure and comfortable.

Mini Cooper Car Rental - Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Rental Car For Vacations & Tours.

Formerly, we offer the best Mini vehicle rental in Chennai. Basically for all excursions and visits for a group of up to four. All in all race with the breeze in Mini cars along with the open country or in delightful scenes.  

Equally, will make nobody fail to remember their excursions or visits with us. However, our drivers drive the car like a race vehicle. Since they are sufficiently experienced will ensure that.

It isn’t crazy and consistently exercises alert. Overall it will change the get-away excursion into an undertaking yet with the brilliant security of the Mini. And also our talented jumpers are protected and agreeable. Pick a Mini Cooper car rental, particularly for an outing. 

The lively, smooth Mini Cooper Hatchback is an extraordinary decision. While need something more modest yet don’t have any desire to forfeit space altogether. Settle on a few additional energy and glimmer with the Mini Hatchback convertible model!

Mini Cooper - Benefits of Renting

Rent Mini Cooper With Great Gas Mileage

Especially, Coopers are recognized for their beauty and sophistication. They require premium gas.

But it’s well worth it when a sports car achieves such outstanding fuel economy.

Car Rental Mini Acbrio
Cooper Fun Drive

Mini Cooper Car Rental Fun to drive

Did we mention that driving a Mini Cooper is a blast? Despite their small size, they are mighty when it comes to driving down the highway.

Certainly, these fashionable cars are simple to operate and have powerful engines and excellent braking systems. Afterward, they are enjoyable to drive.

Hire Mini Convertible

Are you planning a first-time trip to tour with your significant other? Perhaps you’re commemorating a vital anniversary and want to make it unique.

Thereupon, rent a convertible or a two-passenger Mini Cooper from us. While driving along the seaside, enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair.

Mini Cooper Convertible

Mini Cooper Car Rental

Mini Racing Car Desires

Hire Racing Car Desires

Obviously, this car is a well-known racing car all around the world. It has all the comfort and safety features that presently racing car desires. Mini Coopers are markedly small, economical automobiles.

They’re known for their speed, high-speed mobility, and fresh style and appearance. But the appearance of the cooper is really pleasing, and despite its small size, it is incredibly comfy. Especially, BMW has taken over the production of the Mini Cooper car in Germany. 

Being that, they come in various types and are a lot of fun to drive on national routes. Even so, the car features a 1.6-liter engine that provides enough power to operate at high speeds.

Book Historic Style Mini Cooper For Rent

Forthwith, renting a Mini Cooper car will provide you with an unforgettable driving experience. At first, cars combine historic British style with German engineering prowess.

Additionally, this car rental is ideal for those who care about the environment. But want a few amenities in their vehicle. Certainly, it is built for fuel efficiency, speed, and style. 

The current Mini Coopers are based on Mini models produced by the British Motor Company. For the purpose of race track driving in the 1960s. Lastly, they maintain the same speed and engine power with added luxuries for everyday driving.

Historic Style MiniCooper
Mini Cooper Rent

Rent Mini Cooper Convertible Near You

When it comes to renting a car for your next trip, you want something reasonable, and reliable. Meanwhile, add some excitement to your holiday. All of this and more can be found in a Mini Cooper. 

Markedly, these sporty automobiles are in the rental inventory at Sri Ram Cars. Because of their excellent gas mileage and sporty look. When you’re planning a trip, consider renting a Mini Cooper.

Sri Ram Cars - Mini Cooper Car Rental

Advantages Of Renting Mini Cooper From Us.

Eco-friendly – Firstly, the Mini Cooper car is profoundly eco-friendly. Undoubtedly, doing its part for both the climate and your wallet.

Plan – You can switch between Sport mode for even more responsiveness. Green mode for more effectiveness in this case. Most important to remain in Mid-mode for the most innovative possible solution. Coordinated with top-of-the-line BMW designing, partaking in the entirety of its effective cutting edge. Significantly, highlights like a switch start and key-less section.

Amusement – With Pandora coordinated into the sound framework. Although, you can shake out to your number one station. It additionally has fantastical elements for the simplicity of driving. Like speed, sheer volume, stopping help, Bluetooth network, and warmed seats.

After all, Mini Cooper vehicles are the most luxurious vehicles with extraordinary style and highlights. We offer Mini vehicles in four choices, Classic, Signature, Iconic, and John Cooper Works at this time. Further, the client’s most favored adaptation to lease Cooper is the standard Mini Cooper vehicle. 

This can offer a maximum velocity of 6 miles each second. So, Sri Ram Cars furnishes the best voyaging experience with extraordinary security, strength, and solace.