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Searching for a premium car for rent? Hire Jaguar XJL from us.

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Jaguar XJL

Wedding - Occasion

A wedding is a special occasion and thereafter it deserves everything at its best. If you are a groom all set to bring home your bride shortly. For these, hiring a luxury wedding Jaguar XJL car with us is the best altogether. Sri Ram Cars are the best rental service provider that specializes in premium car rental services in Chennai. 

Hence, we offer you a huge range of luxury cars for rent. Above all, you can pick the best for your wedding event. On the whole, whether you are having a wedding locally or going out of state to bring home your lady love especially. For instance, our Jaguar XJL wedding car is the best way to drive along with your partner in time. 


Rental Car Drivers

Our cars are driven by knowledgeable, gentle, and also trained drivers. Without a doubt, they will assist you on your special day this time and make sure your car ride will be exotic. We provide special Luxury Wedding Cars for your special events to emphasize. Our wedding car driver will without fail arrive at the wedding venue on time likewise. And also help you keep track of the vehicle movement and traffic report markedly.

Finally, we will match the value of luxury for an awesome wedding once in a while. A driver is always at your donation regardless of formerly. Whether you hire us for a few hours, a day, or the entire event day basically. You can now be empowered to manage your travel by Jaguar  XJL. Furthermore in a convenient and cost-effective way.   



Decorated Wedding Car Rental

Furthermore, as well as we also arrange flower decorations for bridal cars for the guest’s preference. On the wedding car rental, particularly you get the complete flexibility to plan your arrangements. Obviously, Sri Ram Cars at Wedding Luxury Cars Rental are a sophisticated and also additionally well-running service. 

In conclusion, we organize luxury cars to fulfill the on-demand needs that you need for traveling in Chennai. Besides booking a Jaguar from Jaguar car rental services in Chennai is quick, simple, and also easy. Every Jaguar comes to your doorstep loaded with executive drivers in fact to reach you safely at your destinations. If you wish to self-drive the most exotic Jaguar XJL Car we can do that specially for you. Don’t miss an opportunity to drive premium car ride on your special day.

Jaguar XJL rental

Jaguar XJL will be high on space and also style on the whole. Such as the premium segment of Jaguar cars on rent in Chennai serves. To clarify high-end traveling needs in the nearby areas for marriage occasions, photos, and also video shoots activities. So as to require Jaguar luxury cars suit to the occasion and the travel needs specifically. Then again Jaguar is an amazing option for those who want to travel in a high segment car. Particularly XJL version is the longest and even more premium of all Jaguars that truly offer a luxurious experience.

Similarly, we pride ourselves because of our offer of our Jaguar for weddings at an affordable price.  Formerly, our contribution will beat your expectations and also add the majesty of celebration on your Wedding day. Our luxury wedding car is truly fashionable and exotic on your wedding occasion day in conclusion. You can hire a Jaguar, especially for the bride transfer, along with the bridesmaids and flower girls finally.

While the Jaguar in white color is the best choice for wedding and photo-shoot occasions. Thereupon Sri Ram cars have Jaguar XJL in white color. Hire Jaguar for your wedding, now that makes it even more special. Bring your loved one at home in the latest Jaguar car and start your life with luxury fashion. Book now wedding Jaguar XJL car rental in best quality and best price markedly. Ride in Jaguar XJL will give an exotic feeling that you can have lifelong. Also, you will never forget our services in Sri Ram cars.

Jaguar XJL Car Rental Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1900
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers90
Drivers Tariff450
Schedule day500
Rental Jaguar XJL

Jaguar XJL - Collections

Travel is wonderful in any form altogether. Especially, we offer high-quality services to serve you better than your imagination overall. While you travel by car, you certainly enjoy the journey much more than alternative modes of transport. In any case, you can go at your own pace and stop whenever and wherever you like in reality. Travel by car, you are on your schedule and have complete control over all your trip. We have 

Jaguar XJL Car


One of the most fascinating luxury cars that you can rent today. So far it exhales a sense of royalty that sums up its character and exhibits. While the sort of richness that can only come off the Jaguar XJL imprint. 


Moreover, the XJL is all about feeling special and one variance from the other common match then again. The luxury surround of delicious obviously curves with a splash of dual-tone colors. Basically, that lives up to the compartment quality altogether.

Once you are seated, you may begin to understand the sheer size of this luxury car certainly. At last, the clarity overall could have been better. Hence these all things take a different turn altogether, especially when the style and divisions.

Obviously, you being able to observe the regular head turns is all that seems to element chiefly. In the meantime, you may kick off esteem the large and generously contoured sheats. Consequently, they offer humongous support after all. Specifically, this will be a four-seater with ample legroom all around finally. 

And also the sides of all seats can be electrically operated to have a cooling purpose. Finally, the backend section also throws in two foldable 26cm HD screens for entertainment. Most important, in the boot that’s good enough to consume 520 litres of belongings whenever they need to get up.

Features and Specs

The great achievement of the XJL purification is a sophisticated and stylish interior even more. After that the riches of the technologically advanced features emphatically. Particularly, XJL Crash is a wonderful balance instead between vice and sensitivity. While you may check out the impressive features and specs of the new Jaguar XJL.

Then again, Jaguar has features with music, radio, and webcast for your entertainment simultaneously. Meanwhile having the phone navigation systems for your convenience, all new XJL features will fully enrich your driving experience. As well as the Jaguar system absolute integrates with your smartphone to offer a range of services. This will keep you completely connected while you are on the move this time. The XJL also comes with a highly intuitive multi-touch interface shortly. Budget friendly ride at our Sri Ram Cars.

Memorable Jaguar Car
Reserve laxury vehical for wedding

Jaguar XJL car for Hire

Naturally, Supersport’s standard equipment list includes nearly all the goodies that Luxuries Jaguar offers lastly. In luxury XJL that is most important to realize, everything from the blind-spot warning system. Thereupon automatic headlamp to heated and messaging front seats likewise.

Jaguar is positively one of the even more part noticeable car brands in the world. Because of its majestic bold designs particularly. Overall the Jaguar sedan is made to stand out in a crowd not only in looks but also in execution additionally. Experience Luxurious ride in affordable price.

Safety Features Of The Rental Car

Lane Departure Warning

To point out Jaguar XJL has the Lane Departure Warning overall. Correspondingly, in short, may help make long journeys safer. By all means, when your car is accidentally drifting out of your lane this time. In detail the notifies you with a visual alert of a gentle vibration on the steering wheel generally.

Lane Keep Assist

Such as working in conjunction with lane departure warnings markedly. Undoubtedly the Lane Keep Assist senses help when your car is accidentally drifting out of your lane. And also gently steers you back in fact.

Blindspot Assist

Due to Blindspot Assist, you prevent crashes as well. For example, if your vehicle ascertains another vehicle or car in your blind spot then you begin to change lanes. Meanwhile, small warning lights brighten in the corresponding wing mirror, and a steering rotation thereafter. Stimulates you to guide your vehicle away from the approaching vehicle in general.


Frequently Asked Question

Our reservation center will be open for Monday to Sunday 24/7. In that case, contact us at our – 9884404343, and make your reservation.

Basically, our car rental services prices are based on a 24-hours period overall. For example, if you reserve and pick up your car rental. Particularly at 14:00, you will have to drop it off at 14:00at the latest. But if you return the vehicle late. Specifically, you will be charged additional hours and days.

One of the many great things about the Sri Ram Cars is our rental service shortly. Formerly guaranteed to be the very best in rental service, however. Henceforth please complete our assurance best rate form.

Even though if you have found a better rate with one of our competitors. If you come across a lower price from a competitor on a comparable vehicle including the same terms. For instance, we will be glad to beat the price for you later.

If you wish to cancel your booking please let us know after that. Sri Ram Car rental services make it easy for you certainly. There is no cancellation fee identically. You can contact us 24/7 by phone – at 9884404343 or mail us at for more details.

Yes, you can change the booking date 2 days before the booked date for free of charge even so. While after that there will be a cancelation charge will be there as per the cancelation policy presently.

Generally, we try our best to ensure our drivers reach our customers on time in addition. Nevertheless in case of delays, in traffic, metro rail works, fly overwork, etc. Call us and we will help you out by providing an alternate vehicle or else we help you to find that car on time in short.

Since the car will be decorated in white / whitish ribbon and bows, depending upon the color of the car. And also you can be selected for your wedding occasion likewise. Afterward, the ceremony our transport will help the bride and groom to the reception venue surely.

Yes, Sri Ram Cars allow its users to hire a car for rent for multiple days. Furthermore, we also provide cars for rent for outstation trips and also long trips.

Of course, all the vehicles provided by Sri Ram Car now on rental follow all the safety guidelines. Likewise sanitization, drivers are vaccinated, and also our drivers go through for the temperature cheeks basically.

And also our drivers have the proper license and updated documents altogether. Most importantly, we ensure passengers’ safety amidst the COVID scenario. Certainly, our customers are also advised to were a mask while traveling In a car.

Hence, we work with the best operators, the vehicles are usually food maintained. Consequently, if it will happen the car driver will take the responsibility to replace the vehicle during the journey.

What Customer Say About Us

Finally, a great selection of cars for rental. The customer service of Sri Ram Cars was impeccable. There were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Great experience of the trip with Jaguar XJL car.

Anna Nagar

While your service is highly professional right from booking the car. Especially, during this corona pandemic period, they are providing the safest and clean sanitized car for rental.

Vijay Kumar

Our road trip with friends was so stress-free and fun because we did not have to pay anything over the money each of us vote in no matter where we went. And also thank you for providing unlimited kilometers. That is to say, we all love the Jaguar Car, and we enjoyed our full journey.


Gallery Jaguar XJL

Searching for a Jaguar car rental for a Wedding. Thus, Sri Ram Car has a huge collection of Jaguar cars for wedding needs that will fit everyone’s budget. Surely, you can get a car rental for a wedding at an affordable price. Thereupon, luxuries offer for the day of your life. Obviously, we know how much the day is important to you, so we can provide the wedding car rental. This will make your day more special.

Wedding Ride In Jaguar XJL

Based on the customer’s choice, we provide a Jaguar XJL luxury car with elegant floral decorations. In fact, we know that our customized, luxurious wedding packages will help you to plan your unforgettable wedding event.

Jaguar XJL car rental will make sure that you may have the best experience of a lifetime in the luxury wedding car rental. Furthermore, your convenience is supreme to us and also we ensure that you can find the car which you looking for. Get your luxury car at your door at any time. Call us to hire a Jaguar XJL car.

Specifications of Jaguar XJL

Jaguar XJL is one of the most luxurious cars. The specific features of Jaguar XJL have LCD and console display. If you want to experience the most exotic and powerful luxurious car drive for any of your special occasion, also make your normal drive into more special then Jaguar XJL is the best choice. Sri Ram cars  have different customized packages that you choose and sit back and enjoy your ride.