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Mercedes-Benz GLC

Searching for a premium car for rent? Hire Mercedes-Benz GLC  from us. It takes you to the most beautiful places. Connects you worldwide.

Mercedes Benz GLC
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Mercedes-Benz GLC

Wedding Glitz Car Rental

Thus you can choose a variety of vehicles from us. Thereafter which one is fit for your wedding theme. Now is the time besides to choose your wedding car models from the topmost premium Benz.

Wedding car rental in Chennai to make your special occasion the even most unforgettable one. For special occasions where you won’t make an impression. Since our Wedding Cars are ready to zoom you by the time.

Without delay, our premium wedding cars are always at your doorstep. As will as, come in style at your wedding with our premium car. Premium car rental guarantees cars on rent at the lowest possible rates to fit your pockets on the whole. 

Your wedding day celebration will be remembered every year and also memorable for every day of your life so far. Because of these everything would be just perfect and without delay. 

Hence, one of the most beautiful days that everyone wants to make even more pretty and special. And also to make this day very special and more outstanding er are there to help to make the day perfect.

Benz GLC Wedding

Decoration - Rental Car

At the venue of the wedding car overall decoration was one of the most important parts then again. To explain a perfectly decorated car gives the wedding photo album that all so fairy-tale-like wedding feel. Identically, no matter what is the make and also the theme of your wedding. We are there at this time for you to serve and make you happy.

While we understand the value of your money. For that reason, we offer affordable wedding car decorations for any budget. Accordingly, you can order the Wedding car decoration. Meanwhile, get the delivery on the same day within 6 hours! After that order online and get the delivery right at your doorsteps.

MercedesBenz GLC decoration

Mercedes-Benz GLC - Pricing

Metropolis TripConvey Amount

Periodic Package 

8 –  Hours and   Km  – 80


Bridal Package

8 – Hours and  Km – 80


Additional Hours

(Above 8 – Hours)


Additional Km

Above coverage

Wedding Decoration Price – Basic1800
Out  Station TripConvey Amount
Price / Kilometers90
Drivers Tariff400
Schedule day450

Mercedes-Benz GLC - Collections - Rental Cars

Mercedes-Benz GLC is still generally one of the most comfortable, enclosed, and polished cars in the world basically. And also it was certainly the new in-car technologies, though numerous and impressive in some ways. Experience of driving the car feels like they’re affectations rather than enhancements altogether.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Car Rental

Mercedes-Benz GLC OverView

GLC - OverView

It’s a premium to your eyes and also, the multimedia system has bought in as well as a new revolution altogether. The Mercedes Benz GLC is a dynamic and intelligent premium car all in all. Especially, it comes with all new technology then again is attractive and cutting-edge this time.

At the present time, the car comes with better design, comfort, and also security systems. Altogether, the new GLC has a greater sense of power also this time. The GLC is nearly five inches longer in wheelbase as well as slightly taller and wider overall. Most importantly, the new design of the Benz – GLC was simply very impressive finally.

Safety - Car Rental

Since now in GLC safety is improved in this versus. Occupant safety is assisted by new airbags and a slew of active-safety systems furthermore. For this reason, automatic braking, active lane-keeping, and active blind-spot were included formerly. Obviously, safety is the special highlight in the Benz – GLC at this time. Due to this, it is installed with a pre-safe system that empowers the front seat belts certainly. To be electronically pre-tensioned in risky situations at this instant.

While, with the Active Parking Assist, you can park your car effortlessly especially. Being that this new technology will help you with the steering, and gear changes. And also acceleration while parking the car afterward. Apart from these GLC also has a rearview camera for parking additionally.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Seat belts
Mercedes-Benz GLC Interior

Mercedes-Benz GLC - Interior 

However, the best elements of the GLC design include a clean and also horizontally dash flanked. Even so with round vents and a wide center console further. By the time soft-touch elements add up to an interior ambiance above even most of this segment. Drivers get good forward visibility, generous steering wheel, electric seat adjustability, and Bizarrely.

Eventually, fore and aft, as well as seat adjustment, are manual. Finally, wireless is equally important for charging the smartphone. In the interiors, following we get the natural lighting with the help of the Panoramic sliding sunroof formerly.

Besides GLC the multimedia system includes the MBUX touch-control concept. As an illustration of voice control, media display, and finally the smartphone integration. At the same time, Benz – GLC has an automatic climate control system. It makes the comfortable for the front seats, all together and also. The temperature can be set separately for each side after that.

Benz Rental Car Hood

One of the most significant changes in the Mercedes-Benz GLC after all turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engines. Comparatively with more power and claimed better fuel economy also. 255 engine, even more than 14 horsepower than before as a result. 

Similarly, rear wheels through a 9-speed automatic transmission, for instance. 4Matic all-wheel-drive system, and also stability control system simultaneously.

Mercedes Benz GLCHood
Exterior Mercedes Benz GLC

Mercedes-Benz GLC Exterior

Surely rear and front design changes intend to convey a wider, and also sportier shortly. Though, the garish standard front and rear skid plates than on the bumpers. Additionally, the Benz GLC features a bolder grille design additionally. 

Consequently redesigned standard LED headlights and taillights, even more chrome, and also wheel designs. A set of 20-inch wheels is also available in these at last. 

In short, even more, aggressive design in detail formerly. AMG Line option package for a chrome diamond-block and grille markedly. Finally the 19-inch AMG aluminum wheels beside.

Engine Power

Mercedes-Benz provides retuned versions of this engine get 1991cc inline at first. Benz GLC emphatically established a petrol engine, twin-scroll turbocharger used in rear-wheel-drive cars.

Thereafter power comes from a twin-turbocharged V-6 with 362 hp equally. GLC43 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds on its way to a top speed electronically meanwhile limited to 155 mph.

So, the turbo-4 was upgraded to 255 hp, moreover, shifts are handled by a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Engine Benz GLC

Rental Car - Space

Formerly, two adults can sit in decent comfort in the back seats indeed. And two tall adults will have room to spread out in the front seats even though.

Six-footers will find their heads near, not brushing at this point. The ceiling and also their knees are clear from the front seatbacks by the time.

Technology of The Rental Car

Overall Key Features of the new Benz – GLC formerly.

1. Touchscreen display
2. Touchpad on the center console
3. Control buttons on the steering wheel
4. Augmented Video for Navigation option
5. 12.3-inch display in Classic


Frequently Asked Question

Such as, we assure our customers and also our driver’s Health – Hygiene further. All cars are sanitized and all drivers are fully vaccinated markedly. Drivers are equipped with Mask, and Hand Gloves. Most important Sanitizers once in a while.

They are in the perfect condition generally, including the lockdown time of COVID identically. Since all our premium cars are less than 3 years old at this time.

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for early returns furthermore. Anyhow there will be adjustments to the rate to reflect a shorter rental period altogether.

Sri Ram Car is your one-stop shop for all your travel needs additionally. We have a huge collection of premium car rentals in Chennai formerly. Altogether, you are traveling for a business or your personal events and even more. Hence we covered short or long-term car rentals at affordable prices basically. Hire our premium car for rental and enjoy your ride concurrently.

Hence, if you would likewise to change your reservation of a car after approving it and for changes. Obviously, you can please visit our contact us page or call us on 9884404343 specifically.

The minimum rental period for renting a car is 1 day (24 hours) to a maximum of 30 days. If you want to rent a car for long period contact us – 9884404343.

Basically no, our services are there to clean after every ride simultaneously. You don’t want to pay for it and we don’t want to clean it up certainly. Furthermore, equally important our vehicles are all non-smoking so do light up outside the vehicle. Similarly, there will be charges incurred if a vehicle’s interior smells of smoke when the car were returned as a result.

Our rental services were flowing as per the government guidelines certainly. The requirements are to be fulfilled by us formerly. Customer should carry their own mask, hand sanitizer, and also water bottle for the journey at this point.

Although, please do forget things that bring by you. Similarly and do remember to take them back with you. Since when did you end your journey. Unfortunately, we do not provide these.

As well as, we love to get in touch with our customers. Feel free to contact us formerly for any doughts, questions, or assistance.

What Customer Say About Us

Obviously Well done job guys! Easy access to the car at just my own housing car park. Rates look reasonable for the quality of the vehicle provided identically. Affordable and price worthy as well as quality/cleanliness of the cars available is fantastic Benz GLC. Recommended to those who want to use this service formerly.

Udhya Kumar
Anna Nagar

No extra costs on top of that, no authorization charges. Markedly ease of use hassle-free and consumer-friendly application make renting a car. Easy payment process too in Sri Ram Cars. To explain we love our journey with Mercedes-Benz.

Anna Nagar

Not only very much impressed. Clean interior and exterior of the Mercedes-Benz Will do not hesitate to use this car-sharing then again. Certainly, we will come back. Because of the support of friendly and hospitality when collecting and dropping off the car. Best car rental Flexible, reasonable, polite, and clear explanation on the whole.


Gallery Mercedes-Benz GLC

Foremost exclusive and fascinating luxury cars, established in Sri Ram Cars whereas. Surely we tend to deliver the very best quality cars for rental at the foremost flexible costs for everyone. Altogether in an absolute, truthful, relaxed, and pressure-free atmosphere overall. Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with the best-in-class quality services. Given that for the rental of a premium car in any event.

That is to say, our car rental services understand that your wedding is a very special day, and also to make it memorable. Hence we offer our premium car for pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies also. If you want to book premium Wedding cars for your wedding, get in touch with us and choose from luxury and premium cars.

Wedding journey begins With Benz GLC Rental Car

Get a Vehicle that Fits your Wedding Theme – Such as you may get the great benefit of choosing the wedding car rental. Most important they can serve even more of a purpose than just that of wedding day transportation.

The most significant personal milestone in the couple’s lives was the wedding particularly. Due to we providing wedding car rental at ultra-low prices surely. While we are professional in offering the best quality premium wedding cars finally.