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BMW Car Rental
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Premium BMW Car Rental Gallery & Services

Sri Ram Cars is an Indian BMW premium transportation company situated in Chennai. Firstly all of your wedding, corporate, or personal transportation obviously. As well as travel and transfer needs can be met by us without delay. Our clients may expect the utmost comfort and also security from us. Not only do we upgrade our fleets daily, but also we upgrade our abilities. To better serve our customers for a better journey likewise.

Luxury BMW Car Rental

Presently in Chennai, Sri Ram Cars provides the best Luxury BMW Car Rental transportation service. Basically, there are many reasons to rent a BMW car, therefore. A lavish wedding, impressing business associates, or simply treating you so far. Sri Ram Cars will make sure your rental goes as smoothly as the vehicle.

Additionally, these rental automobiles blend German engineering efficiency such as. While with beauty, grace, and great performance for a unique driving experience of course. In detail, the decor is elegant, and it has been thoroughly inspected for quality and also aesthetics. As a matter of fact, make a statement wherever you go with a Sri Ram Cars BMW rental. Hire whether it’s to the boardroom or the beach on this occasion.

BMW Car Rental Models

Rental BMW Series

Particularly Sri Ram Cars encompass a broad choice of BMW automobile rental options in Chennai. Among our selections are – 

BMW 3 – Series – Since the BMW 3 series is a beautiful premium sports sedan. That is available in both gasoline and also diesel engines. In like fashion the car’s exterior exudes a charm that makes you want to fall in love forthwith.

BMW 5 – Series – Moreover, this model is a perfect combination of technology, style, and also performance. Additionally, this luxurious sedan features a stylish bi-xenon headlamp lastly. One-of-a-kind majestic taillights, and a thin spectacular body that commands attention on the road instead.

BMW Rental Car Series

BMW 6 – Series – Accordingly the 6 series sedan is the next in line this time. And is a unique blend of a sports car’s driving experience and also the grandeur of a high-end salon. Therefore when we talk about this car, we’re talking about elegancy redefined to illustrate.

BMW 7 – Series – Thereupon the 7-Series is the most basic and greatest combination. That is luxury and performance combined without a doubt. Coupled with its amazing attributes, the macho is the embodiment of power and also personality.

BMW Series Rental Car

BMW X1 – Indeed the BMW X1 is the ideal automobile rental for any trip. To explain with a sporty drive, plenty of capability, and a spacious, elegant interior. Even though the compact crossover SUV has enough power.

It also handles well on a variety of terrain and twisty roads shortly. On the positive side drive this strong and dependable rental automobile for a low price. Even so with Sri Ram Cars on your next holiday or business trip markedly.

BMW Z4 – Undeniably with the Z4, BMW is truly pushing the boundaries of overall stylish convertibles. It combines the fun and power of a hatchback with the thrill of a convertible identically. Equally important you’ll be ready to cruise in this BMW Z4 convertible afterward. Hire a car with 330 power fueling the rear-wheel-drive system after that.

Hire Wedding BMW

Presently Car hire has become a need on wedding function days. Even though not only for the wedding event so far. But also for bringing friends or relatives from distant regions on the whole. However here are our BMW wedding car rental services to make your wedding even more unique. Obviously, these luxury cars offer a distinctive touch to your wedding albums and photographs. As well as other wedding festivities, on your wedding or marriage day so long as. On the whole, it will be a memorable day for you and your partner markedly.

Basically, to commemorate the new chapter in your life, accordingly. We also supply floral arrangements for your BMW Rental Car at this time. Firstly contact us to hire the best wedding vehicle rentals, including BMW cars. Now that for a wonderful wedding experience similarly.

BMW Car Rental For Movie Shoot

Unquestionably BMW cars are available for filming and also production work especially. Although small-screen and silver-screen productions take place in many locations throughout Chennai. We are always ready to assist you with additional services formerly. Provided that our drivers are exceptionally kind people for instance. Afterward, that will make you feel at ease with their welcoming demeanor.

BMW Wedding Rental

Tour Car Renting BMW

Surely get fantastic experiences with our luxury car models in general. Which will make your sightseeing trip even more enjoyable lastly. Moreover, at Sri Ram Cars, we feel that transportation fourthly. Whether for passengers or cargo is an integral element of our lives instead. Following we want to make this aspect of your life easier and more accessible.

So you can focus on more essential things in the time. On this occasion, we aim to be the medium for your ascension to greater heights in life. At this time we play your favorite music and provide outstanding amenities. And ensure that you are as comfortable as possible meanwhile. By all means, it is reliable and can recommend to any person similarly. Who wants to travel around the world significantly.

Why Choos Us

Since we are the most recent BMW Cars for Rental in Chennai. Especially among numerous options accessible in the industry lastly.  However, here are some of the reasons why you should choose us above the others

Renting Car Affordability

Specifically, our pricing strategy is open and clear at last. Although we provide luxurious services so our pricing is reasonable and fits within your budget. Basically, all you have to do now is arrange your trip finally. Most important we have a large range of premium vehicles available for hire. Overall depending on your needs and also your budget.

Doorstep Services

Basically, all you have to do is tell us where you want to go. While we’ll show up at your door with our vehicle shortly. But the location and time are entirely up to you in detail. Most important our command is to your wish.

Exceptional Services

Without a doubt rent any of our vehicles. Which are all fully air-conditioned and equipped with a charging station thereafter. On account of an audio/video port, and comfy seats.

Rent a Car With Us

If you need a vehicle for a business trip or a family holiday subsequently. Then the BMW can accommodate practically any requirement overall. Save time and also money by renting a BMW from Sri Ram Cars in general. Compared to others we provide BMW car rental in Chennai at reasonable rates markedly. However, our pricing is not only competitive but also transparent and accessible to the general public. Equally, we provide a variety of packages to meet your needs and budget particularly. 

Hire Cool Blue BMW

Car Renting At Low Gas Consumption

The BMW changes the car’s performance for maximum fuel efficiency at first. While with the push of a button, avoiding stops at the petrol station at this instant.

Spacious Cabin In Rental BMW Car

Sri Ram Cars rental especially likes the BMW because of its spacious cabin generally. Which provides pleasant and also roomy seating for up to five friends even more.

Wedding Rental BMW
Book Rental Exotic BMW

Stay Informed

On the dashboard of the BMW, there is a heads-up display at this time. That provides the driver with fast access to critical information formerly. Such as speed and also navigation details even more.

Speed Limit Information In Rental BMW

Whereas Speed limit information, all in all, is provided by the BMW especially. Which provides distinct warnings when you violate a local speed limit furthermore. Eventually, when the BMW detects impending traffic for instance. It can also switch off the high lights given that automatically.

Rent Orange BMW Premium

BMW Car Rental - Best In Class

So take even more advantage of your opportunity to drive a new BMW with us now. Moreover, this fantastic vehicle is usually regarded as the best in its class lastly. All in all, these vehicles are fuel-efficient and at the same time a joy to drive in effect. On this occasion despite their outstanding size and comparatively low weight in fact. Besides, the BMW strikes a unique blend of the current style. And also superior driving experience in like fashion.